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Imagine a YouTuber with a 2D cartoon character you come to love, but instead of it being limited to the videos they produce you can in REAL TIME interact with them? That my friends, leads me to Introducing you to Mr. Brown of Tokyo Japan!

Tony (Mr. Brown) has created a persona of a cute bear who has a lovable and vibrant personality. Using animation he has crafted his own character that not only talks for his videos up on YouTube, but also can be used for a live streams! More impressively, he has taken it a step further and can now do it with Co-Hosts LIVE! Mr. Brown adds content to his YouTube channel “SketchFlix” which is updated regularly, along with occasional live streams where he draws and does AMAs! Hands down my favorite section of his videos are “Sketching Fusions” Where he takes two characters completely unrelated and mixes them to have a similar but different look!

With videos like “SuperMan + Goku” , “Jiggly Puff + Geodude” , “Spongebob + The Joker” He shows the process from start to finish.

Don’t take my word for it! See it down below!

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