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I for one have a great track record of been single, lonely, and the big one DEPRESSED! Nothing seems to be possible when trapped in the confines of depression. Worst of all it feeds into loneliness! Depression was something that had become so embedded into the day I had to give it it’s own nick name! Fortunately through a lot of observation and many failed attempts of trying new things, a key was found to unlocking what it was that detached me from it. Now keep in mind there are times that it does magically creep up to attack me from time to time; but I’ve found a way to locate it, stop it’s attack, and kick it to the curb.

My goal is to give you actual insightful information to help you defeat it much like I have. I don’t want to be like the counselors that give you a few good stories, make you feel good, then drop you off on the doorstep sending you home. I want to give you the ACTUAL tools to really debunking what depression will say/do, and more importantly, gear you to fight for your own happiness!

Depression’s Biggest Weakness: Getting A Baseline

The one thing to take away from this if you don’t take away any other is this: If you are not happy and cannot recharge in your own room at night, you need to change it! The logic is no matter how horrible your day has gone, you need to feel safe and secure in your own bedroom. If you currently have a lot of foot traffic, people screaming at you from the door, or you can’t catch a second to yourself, CHANGE IT!

After getting the clutter of distractions out of your room, begin creating a stable baseline by really thinking about what you can do improve your area, in order to create a mini “Paradise”. Observe your things such as lighting, does it match the way you want it to feel? I noticed during the day my room was perfect, but at night it became a pale yellow color and it really wasn’t the brightest. Buying a lamp with Daytime lighting from a tool store helped out greatly! After this you can move on to furnishing/padding your room in a way that brings even comfort! This can be simple like moving your room around, getting merch from your favorite TV shows, buying a surround sound system, or maybe hanging posters. Just keep in mind the goal is to create a piece of paradise! This will help when the going gets rough!

Beyond The Baseline

Once establishing a baseline and a place where you can begin to recharge, it’s time to start thinking about your daily life. It’s time to really think critically. You will need to reflect back to a moment you felt most “At Home”. Find small things that brought you comfort, whether it be what a person did, what you had done, what type of events took place, or maybe the mood you felt. You will need to reverse engineer that! For me I heavily enjoyed the mornings where a TV was tuned to the news and coffee was already brewed by my father. I also remember having chocolate milk on hand to make when I didn’t feel like drinking water/soda. Buying supplies for coffee/chocolate milk, turning the TV to news, and waking up a little early really made me realize how much the small comforts helped.

Always Be Inventing

This is the part where it starts to become fun! You will realize the more depression falls out of your life due to your small comforts, the more you will want to increase the feeling! While you will undoubtedly still have days where it gets the best of you, it’ll become easier to escape. The goal now is to look for things to take this feeling to another level. Start working on consistently weeding out events , people, things that brings you down and keep yourself in the moment. This urge to find new things, events, will have you create a momentum and shift your perspective. You may realize that you’ll catch yourself doing things you never have thought about doing, or maybe an increase in an area you wanted to always get around to. The objective is thinking of things now, that will well equip you for feeling better later!

Pulling Others Out Of The Funk

Once you reach this stage in the game, you will have felt the differences, and it can happen within as little as a few days to a week! You will only want more and more of this blissful feeling. Share with others your success in hopes you can knock it out of the ball park! There is no better moment than now to start helping out. Once I realized I was not alone with this, I realized it was my job to figure out the answer so others can use it. This is what brings me here today. If you are struggling, please reach out and find others that can help bring you up in a warm cozy way I mentioned earlier. If you have any advice or any comments,  please leave it in the FB Comments down below!

I look forward to all of it and stay tuned for more articles!


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